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Empowering Guar gum industry in India.

Girdharilal Sarda Executive Officer5xsq在线观看免费视频 5xsq在线观看免费视频 ,菠萝视频官方网站 菠萝视频官方网站 ,韩国向日葵中文字幕 韩国向日葵中文字幕

Mr. Giridharilal Sarda is a pioneer of the Guar Gum industry. Starting with production of Guar Gum Splits he kept expanding in direction of value added products of Guar Gum and powders. With his deep knowledge and aspirations, Sarda Gums & Chemicals became a well known name for it’s high quality, wide variety of Gum products.

With more than 50 years of experience he believes in embracing the latest technologies and continuous development. In this journey, 4 different manufacturing units were set under his guidance. His expertise in understanding the raw material from crop to product has benefitted the group and whole management team to remain successful always.

Girdharilal Sarda


Our mission is to establish a bond of trust with our customers that will help us to lead an unending path of success.


By having our eyes on the customers’ demands, we always work for consistency, competence and excellence.


We value your work and therefore we owe to supply you the quality, safety and purity.

Having been serving the world with speciality hydrocolloids for more than 50 years now, Sarda Group companies produce various plant-derived gums that make us truly the hydrocolloid people. We provide solutions for Food, Feed and Industrial applications all over the world.


Sarda Biopolymers Pvt. Ltd.

2nd floor, Gopaldas mantra marg,
Vithalwadi, Kalbadevi Road
Mumbai-400002, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: 02222407155
Email: reach@sardagums.com